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  • API Q1 – American Petroleum Inc


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Plating Material

Hard Chrome
Hard Chromium
Electroless Nickel

Manganese Phosphate

Finishes Bright

Steel (300M to high tough material)
Stainless Steel (300, 400 series; 17-4, 15-5)
Aluminum (2000, 6000, 7000 Series)

Metal Sprays
Cast Iron
High Nickel Alloys

Processes Passivating

Plating Tanks
1: 1a: 42"D 32' depth
2: 72" D and 32' Depth

3: 10' L x 60" w x 108" D
30" W

Maximum Part Length

52 ft
624 in

Maximum Part Height

32 ft
384 in

Maximum Part Diameter

6 ft
72 in

Maximum Weight

20 tons
40,000 lb

Plating Thickness

.0005 to .010 in

DC Rectifiers

80,000 amperes

Preplate Operations

Aluminum Oxide (Sand) Blasting
Alkaline Etch
Glass Bead Peening (MIL-S-5002)

Shot Peening
Hydrogen Embrittlement Pre Bake

Chrome Plating Bath Solution

High Efficiency Etch Free (HEEF)

Postplate Operations


Hydrogen Embrittlement Post Bake

Additional Services

Penetrant Inspection

Shot Peening
Q.C. Certifications
Reverse Engineering

Industry Focus


On and Off Shore Drilling

Intended Application

Pump Barrels
Aircraft Support Equipment
Cylinder Bores
Large Production Parts
Small Production Parts

Off-Shore Equipment
Oil Field Barrel Tubes / Plungers
Printing Rolls
Roofing Rolls
Cooling Drum
Control Valve

Industry Specifications

Aerospace Material Specification (AMS)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Federal Specifications (DOD, QQ, TT)
McDonnell-Douglas (DPS, DQS)
Military Specification (MIL)
Rocketdyne (RA)

Boeing (BAC)
Surgical Tools (GPS)
National Aerospace Standard (NAS)
Varco B.J. Drilling Systems (STP)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
ISO Compliant


Lean Manufacturing

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  • Drilling Rig Rotor Shaft Plating

    At BHC Industries Plating, we've been servicing customers in the petroleum industry since 1942. Working with heavy industry requires us to possess capabilities to accommodate the large scale requirements of this industry. The 55' drilling rig rotor shaft highlighted here exemplifies these capabilities.

    This project posed not only machining and plating challenges but also several logistical challenges as Learn More

  • Natural Gas Turbine Plating & Grinding

    A customer in the solar power industry contracted us to repair a number of natural gas turbines with hard ID grinding (inside diameter) and chrome plating. The turbines, which were manufactured from a proprietary forging, had dimensions that ranged in size up to 22" in diameter.

    ID grinding was completed on our advanced Heald 273A ID grinder, this capability allows us to grind inside diameters up to 24", and features a 24" swing. Once the ID surface was prepared we appl Learn More

  • Artificial Lift Pump Barrel Plating

    Artificial lifts are a mainstay of the US petroleum industry; in fact 96% of US wells require some form of artificial stimulation for crude extraction. Pump barrels are a crucial component of artificial lifts and a heavy wear item, operating an oil extraction operation requires constant refurbishment of pump barrels. Because of the sheer volume of refurbishments and the precision required, a cost effective solution is a must.

    Low cost Asian solutions are problematic; the precision req Learn More

  • Drilling Rig Main Shaft Coating

    The project highlighted here exemplifies our ability to apply precision grinding and coating processes to large diameter shafts. This customer needed a phosphate coating applied to shafts with variable outside diameters of 8" to 24". Prior to coating the shafts are sand blasted, and then ground on our Landis OD Grinder, which features a 30" swing, and is capable of grinding components up to 240" between centers, and up to 12,000 lbs.

    Once the shaft surface is prepa Learn More

  • Aerospace & Oil Industry Electroless Plating

    To better accommodate the diverse needs of our customers we also offer electroless nickel plating. Electroless plating has long been known for characteristics such as uniform application, its lubriciousness, solderability, and high resistant to corrosion. In most application these features would be enough, however at BHC Industries Plating; we're continually looking for ways to improve our processes. That's why we use AutoTech Heath 25 hard chrome plating in Learn More