Electroless Plating Services Are Your Answer to an Otherwise Complex Process

Created at : Dec 5, 2022

Electroless plating services involve a chemical process used to deposit metal layers onto plastics, ceramics, and other materials. It does not require an electric current in order to function, unlike electroplating. This makes it ideal for metalizing parts that have non-conductive substrates or difficult geometries.

Immersing the Substrate

There are several different metals commonly used with this process, such as copper, nickel, gold, silver and chromium. The most popular choice for electroless plating applications is usually nickel due to its physical properties that make it highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation.  The process begins by immersing the substrate into a solution of metal ions and reducing agents. Once in the bath, the components react to form a binding layer of metal plating. The thickness of the plated layer is then controlled by adjusting the time, temperature and concentration of the solution used during processing. 

Extremely Even Coating

The advantages to using electroless plating services include uniformity, repeatability and cost-effectiveness. It can produce an extremely even coating on complex parts without having to mask areas off for selective deposition. As no electrical current is used in the process, it also eliminates any risk of shorting out components or damaging delicate circuits. In addition, there are no hazardous fumes created as with electrolytic processes, so it is much safer to use in confined spaces.

Highly Versatile

The electroless process for plating does not require a direct current flow like in traditional electroplating—it is an autocatalytic reaction where the metal ions are reduced to form a metallic layer on the substrate. This means it is highly versatile and suitable for parts with intricate shapes or those made from non-conductive materials such as plastics or ceramics. It is a versatile and cost-effective solution for many different industries, from aerospace to automotive.

Consistent Results

It can be used to protect parts from corrosion, enhance appearance, and improve electrical conductivity. The process is relatively simple yet capable of achieving accurate, consistent results that meet even the most demanding requirements. Whether you need electroless plating services for a one-off job or regular production runs, make sure you contact an experienced professional who can ensure that components are plated accurately and safely every time. Contact Barkens today!