Electroplating Metal Finishing Texas

Created at : Apr 5, 2022

Electroplating metal finishing in Texas is a process that electroplates a thin layer of metal onto another metal surface. Electroplating metal finishing can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to: making metal objects look more attractive, protecting the underlying metal from corrosion, and adding weight or thickness to a metal object. Some industries that commonly use electroplating metal finishing throughout Texas includes: automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and jewelry design. at Barkens, we offer electroplating services that are reliable and affordable. 

Those Who Demand the Very Best in Modern Plating

An experienced team will work with you to create a finished product that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our electroplating services! While there are many companies throughout the region and across the country that offer a vast array of unique and innovative types of electroplating work, one company stands as a leader in the industry. Barken’s Hard Chrome is a company that traces its beginnings all the way back to the 1940s. The company offers a vast resource for those who demand the very best in modern plating related services. With seven hard chrome tanks as well as multiple kadiyam tanks along with baking operations and grinding, the company has every aspect of this type of process covered.

A Dedication to The Absolute Best in Customer Servic

When it comes to professional industrial plating and grinding services as well as electroless plating process and natural gas as well as wind turbine needs, along with aerospace and military industrial requirements, Barken’s is the one to call. The company also offers drilling rig main shaft coating services as well as artificial lift pump barrel plating and many other innovative and unique processes for industry and manufacturing. Years of experience and a dedication to the absolute best in customer service always shines through. To learn more about the company and all that makes possible simply visit online or call today.