Learn All About Industrial Chrome Services and the Process

Created at : Aug 4, 2022

Industrial chrome is used in a variety of applications, from plating metals to creating pigments. It is made by extracting chromium from chromite ore. The process involves crushing the ore and then separating the chromium from the other minerals. Industrial chrome is used in a variety of products, including car bumpers, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, and pigments. It is also used in industrial processes such as electroplating and anodizing. Industrial type chrome is produced in several countries, including China, Russia, and South Africa. There are several quality companies in the United States that produce outstanding quality as well.

Wide and Varied Capabilities

For example, Barkens Hard Chrome is a company that has earned its reputation one customer and one project at a time. Known many years ago as the Superior Chrome Plating Company, the organization was founded in the 1940s in the state of California. In the 1980s the ownership changed and then in the mid 1990s the company became known as Barkens Hard Chrome. The company is impressive in every regard with wide and varied capabilities including everything from having seven hard chrome tanks to multiple cadmium tanks as well as a variety of baking operations and grinding services.

High Quality Metal Finishing Services for the Prevention of Corrosion and Wear

With so much to offer it is clear to see why the company continues to rank so high among industrial chrome related business. Friendly customer service representatives, a team of experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable technicians as well as state-of-the-art equipment means that every project will get the care and dedication that it deserves. As a premier finishing company providing high quality metal finishing services for the prevention of corrosion and wear as well as friction means that you have chosen the best in the business. To learn more about all the company makes possible including industrial chrome services simply visit online or call today.