Understanding Hard Chrome Plating Services

Created at : Jul 12, 2022

Hard chrome plating is a process that involves depositing a layer of hard chromium onto the surface of a metal object. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including increasing the wear resistance of the object, or to provide a decorative finish. The hard chromium plating process generally consists of several steps:

1. The surface of the metal object is cleaned and prepared. This ensures that the hard chromium plating will adhere properly to the surface.

2. A layer of hard chromium is deposited onto the surface of the metal object. This is typically done using an electrolytic process.

3. The hard chromium-plated object is then cooled and hardened. This helps to ensure that the hard chromium plating is durable and will not flake off easily.

The Production of Large Nonstandard Parts as Well as Cylinder Boring

Hard chrome plating can be used on a variety of different metals, including steel, brass, and aluminum. It is often used on objects that will be subjected to high levels of wear and tear, such as automotive parts and machine tools. From the aerospace industry to the production of large nonstandard parts as well as cylinder boring and a host of other applications for many different types of equipment, chrome type plating is an innovative and advanced technology that offers great benefit to many industries.

So Many Unique and Innovative Applications

This type of advanced processing can be used in conjunction with items such as drilling rig rotor shaft plating as well as natural gas turbine plating and grinding along with artificial lift pump barrel plating. It also offers great advantages when it comes to drilling rig main shaft coatings and aerospace and oil industry electroless plating. With so many unique and innovative applications it's clear to see why this type of modern hard plating is so important in today's world of industry and manufacturing. To learn more about all that this highly impressive process has to offer contact Barkens online or call today.